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The failure of tyrannies: information

Posted by Yannick Martel on April 23, 2009

Where do tyrannies fail? I mean, modern tyrannies, which are based on concentration of power and fear. In action, from information.

A tyranny can very well last and preserve itself, as Franco did in Spain. It establishes, and then maintain a traditional order. Then it only maintains what is already established.

On the opposite, in action a tyrant lacks information. To be informed in a complex system (a country, a large corporation) requires the use of eyes, ears and brains beyond those of a single man. This information is vital in action, because it is changing and required to be able to adapt to the flow of life. But the tyrant is isolated from the real world by the fear it provokes on those who could bring him information.

It is said that Hitler was not awakened on the morning of the D-Day, for fear of his wrath. The real state of his army has been hidden to many tyrants, leading to a sure defeat.

Fear on one hand allows action to be more powerful, because it allows the will of a single man to be widely deployed, on the other hand makes it blind.

Why does it matter to our corporations? Are there not some forms of (attenuated) tyrannies?


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